Okay, it’s Not Really About ”Us”

It’s About Me, since I’m the only one working here. I have a long and varied background programming in various computer languages, but it was when I decided to learn a second language - Spanish - that I came up with the idea of the Verbtrainer. I needed something to drill those pesky verbforms into my brain.

I wrote the original Verbtrainer for Spanish only, and to run on Windows. When I got a Mac and then an iPhone, I realized I could address a couple problems at once: I wanted to learn to program iPhone apps, and I wanted to have the Verbtrainer with me all the time, so I didn’t have to rely on having a laptop nearby. With the iPhone Verbtrainer, I could fire it up and get a few minutes of refresher learning any time I had a few spare moments.

Thus was born the iPhone/iPod Touch Verbtrainer. I’ve since added French, German and Italian, and iPad support. I’m also in the process of getting it to run on a Mac Pro or MacBook and I might port it back to the PC. No plans to port it to the Android or Blackberry, yet.